Friday, June 12, 2009

Photo shoot with Danielle Hafen Photography... AMAZINGLY TALENTED friend Danielle Hafen has started her own photography business on the side as her hobby*slash*part time, for fun, job.
I thought it would be fun to hire her for personal photo shoot, mainly so Brett could have some updated pictures of me for his desk at work.
Let me just tell you that I am so glad she really got serious about her passion, because Danielle is AMAZING! She takes the best photo's and I LOVE how she is a perfectionist and makes sure she gets "the money shot!" It was so much fun to walk around main street, waving at on lookers passing by...some even honking{can ya blame 'em!? JK}, and taking photo's of, well...ME!

This is just a sampling of her work, and I can't wait to see ALL of her finished product! She did such a great job and I am SO happy with the way they turned out!
Check out her blog to see her other photo's she's taken - she even took my step daughter Kiera's Senior pictures this Spring and of course Kiera couldn't stop looking at the pictures of herself! haa ha ha

Thanks Danielle you did an awesome job! Lets set up another photo shoot ASAP! ;}


Danielle said...


Gee thanks Britt! I seriously had so much fun taking them.

Especially when the cars full of guys would drive by and honk! =]

Katrina said...

Amazing pics britt!! You look beautiful! s