Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Girls Night Out just for FUN!!!

I had the BRILLIANT idea to have Sambo hold a cup and make it look like I was drinking out of a gynormous straw! As you can clearly see our mission was a complete success...

The two twins of the night. And dispite popular belief, they did NOT plan their outfit - OR - hair color! Ha ha ha

And here we all are in our private tea room at Windy Sukiaki. The food was good, but I'm admit that I am still a loyal fan of Happy Sumo...especially when both places are about the same cost!
It had been about a month {ore less} since our last G.N.O so clearly it was about time for us to have another. Jessie P. wasn't able to come to the last G.N.O/Birthday party for Kridda so it was fun to see her again since it had been awhile. She's always good to have around because she, without fail, always has fun updates for us all!
JP chose the restuarant, Windy Sukiaki to go to which I had never been to before. She reserved our own private tea room for us. In a "tea room" you have to take off your shoes before you go in & then you sit on the floor, but there is a place under the table for you to slide your legs under. I was grateful that I thought to bring a pair of socks ;}
Our sushi was made in a New York minute and we were only there for about 25 minutes when realized we were done eating! We spent the next hour creating & taking our own custom "photo shoot". I took these pics from JP's blog, but believe me there are PLENTY more to be had. But we did all agree we would only post the pictures that were flattering. The rest of the pictures are for blackmail purposes only!!!
We thought a treat after dinner would be a perfect thing to do so we went to the Red Mango down the street from my house. I LOVE that place! Katrina told me about it and I've been hooked ever since. Thanks Katrina!
I got a small pomegranate frozen yogurt, but settled for blackberry's instead of my usual favorite raspberry's since they were OUT! Blasphamy...
JP wanted a "healthier" option so she went to Sonic and picked up for herself a good sized oreo shake. Haa ha ha
It was about 9:45 PM & we were all spent & running low on energy so that was our cue to call it a night! It was so much fun though to get together & try something new :D


Jessica said...

You know me, I don't like to put anything toxic into my body! That's why I opted for the more healty choice! Oh man that was a fun night! That straw pic still KILLS me!!!!