Thursday, May 7, 2009

Wow...I am SO grateful for Brett

This past week I have not been feeling well {NO its not Swine Flu and NO I'm not pregnant! Just simply not feeling well} Its been difficult to do things for myself, and only really have been good enough to lay on the sofa or in bed.

Brett has been SO good to me by taking care of EVERYTHING I haven't been able to do for myself. He helps me wash my hair, he put my socks on for me, makes his own lunch, does the laundry, offered to brush my hair for me, has been doing the dishes, and takes care of the grocery shopping, as well as taking care of whatever the kids need. Last night we were in bed and the temperature was too hot for me. Brett got out of bed, walked down stairs, and turned the AC down. Moments later I forgot something else downstairs and Brett got up from bed again, and got what I needed. He didn't huff and puff, or complain he just simply went & did it.
I have never had a relationship with anyone who has cared so much about ME and for my well being as much as he does.

I sent him a message today telling him how much I appreciate all that he has done and that when I'm back to feeling like myself that I need to get him something nice to show my appreciation for all he's done for me. He wrote me back and said, "just saying that {he's appreciated} is enough for him!" Wow... I have a long way to go to be as selfless as he is.

My mom LOVES Brett and always tells me how lucky I am to have someone like him, and that is so true. I feel so lucky to have someone who would do ANYTHING for me. I didn't realize till after marriage how uncommon it is to find a GOOD man who treats their wife with respect and shows them their love in various ways. So many times one or both partners in a marriage allow to feed their selfishness desires to over power & dominate their relationship. What a shame that is when that happens, and how heart breaking it is.

But I am SO lucky to have such a great man & I only wish that more men could treat their wives like Brett treats me.

Love you Brett :}


Krista and Aaron said...

Oh B you are too cute. You do have a great husband! Get feeling better.

Danielle said...

Brett's a great guy. I'm glad you have him! I think that's adorable that he washed your hair! =]

Hope that you're feeling better!

Brynnly and Alan said...

What a great husband! He's so good to you but I bet he's good to you bc you are good to him. Men are so easy to please! All they want are 2. sex 3. appreciation. Why can't women be that simple? Glad you are feeling better!

kenzie said...

Ahhhh Brett found this sooo sweet blog and tried several times to take it down. I said leave it, she is right you are amazing and I can't wait to marry Brett!!! Thanks for putting it out there how great he is, you are so right :-)

Brittany Willey said...

I'm glad you like what I posted during this time when Brett and I were married. I'm uncertain what you were hoping to accomplish with your passive "comment" you left. Lets cross our fingers & toes that thi 4th marriage for you both finally is "the one." I hear the odds of a successful marriage only increases the more times you re-marry said no one ever. I just hope for your sake Brett doesn't hold back vital information about himself BEFORE you get married. Telling the truth is not his forte!

Best of'll need it!