Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sloppy & Irresponsible

I could not be more furious than I am right now about the "photo op" that was taken a couple of days ago in New York city with the President's plane Air Force One and two fighter jets following flying next to it.

NEVER once did anyone warn the people of New York that this photo op was going to take place, which caused a mass panic since this all took place near where the Twin Towers use to stand and was only 1,000 feet from the ground. IRRESPONSIBLE!

Obama and his hand selected cabinetry all CLAIM that they did not know of this taking place, even Homeland Security was "unaware" that Air Force One was on a photo op. These are nothing but LIES! President Obama knows when and where his plane is at simply because he needs to know when he can leave and when he can't. No one can simply take Air Force One on a joy ride in downtown New York and have NO ONE know about it! Ever heard of Traffic Control anyone? I'm sure they knew, and those pilots flying the fighter jets I'm sure WHO gave THEM the order?

"Pathetic Obama" has opened a TWO week investigation into the matter to figure out what happened. Two weeks! didn't even take him that long to get our Country financing for a TRILLION plus dollars that we will in the short future be paying for in outrageous tax increases, but yet it is going to take TWO WEEKS for an investigation to figure out how Air Force One was unknowingly "hijacked" to take some pretty pictures. THIS IS A JOKE!

THIS, people is the quailty job you get when you elect a Community Organizer to run the most powerful Country in the world!


Witney said...

That is a joke. You couldn't have said it better, "sloppy, and irresponsible"!!!