Saturday, April 11, 2009

Need motivation?

Spring has sprung {at least I think, the weather hasn't made its mind up yet though} and with summer around the corner we are all thinking of our favorite swimsuit we want to look our best in. BUT are you still feeling the "laziness blue's syndrome"? Having a tough time peeling your butt cheeks off the couch, and un-clenching your white knuckled grip from the bag of chips? Its time to knock the dust off of you and start dropping those LBS all over. Lets pretend its January 1st shall we?

Well, here is some of my own advice that I put into constant practice. It works WONDERS for me to get my motivation going and keep me staying there.


Now this doesn't mean I go crazy buying tons of things {everytime ;} when I go shopping, but when I shop there is something about it that gives me a spark inside of more determination & motivation. Its like when I try on an amazing shirt, cute skirt, or pants it brings me back to reality, I get refocused & makes me realize how I really do want to fit in my clothing the best that I possibly can. Maybe thats why I love shopping so much??? for thought I suppose.

Here is a list of some of my "guilty pleasures" that is calorie free !

* Forever 21
(especially their online store!)

* JChic Boutique

* eBay

*Lululemon show room in Park City

* Nordstroms & Nordy's Rack

* T.J. Maxx

(for their amazing swimsuits!)

* Bebe

It doesn't have to be a major shopping spree, it can be something small and simple that makes you feel GOOD and excited to wear it like a new pair of shoes!

I hope this advice of mine helps you if your looking for something to help you out of your everyday rut! I know its sure has helped me!!!

So get shopping and feel good knowing that your doing your part to help out our economy!
Its patriotic to shop :D


Janean said...

im sooooo trying that one on mark. LOVE it.

Brett & Brittany said...

Oh he'll never see our reasoning too it. Just be persistent and when he says, "stop shopping" like my husband does...go shop some more! hahahaha Maybe I should write a book on marital advice ;D

Brynnly and Alan said...

You crack me up! I laugh bc I'm the same way! There is nothing like trying cute clothes on to make you avoid that dessert on Saturday night. Haha! I love it!