Friday, November 6, 2009

You know your a Utahn IF...

This is some creative things I came up with about us "Utahn's"- I'm proud to say is VERY accurate!
"You Know Your a Utahn If...."

...your a stay at home Mom & drive a white Escalade...& so do all of your neighbors! wear the "Bump It" look without even having to use an actual Bump It!

...when you use the terminalogy "F.H.E", "C.T.R", or "W.W.J.D" & don't realize that some people may not know W.T.F you mean!? own multipule shirts that are bedazzled, along with a plethera of pants that have bedazzled back pockets! The kicker? You just so happen to be a man!'ve held at least one clothing/jewlrey/Scentsy party at your house & guilt tripped your friends into coming!

...believes that drinking is a big "no-no", but you'll gladly pop a pain-pill if "you just need a break from it all!"

...if you have 2 or 3 kids BY the age of 25!

...when the only thing to ever get dressed up for is General Conference.

...the only time you see crowds of people in the streets in SLC is during General Conference.'ve never gone skiing or snowboarding!

...your house looks like Tai Pan Trading at Christmas time.


Jessica said...

B those are pretty good and funny too! Nice job!!

Danielle said...

You're hilarious! Very true observations. I love the bedazzled mens pants - so true!